Additional Services

Subscription fee0 €
Consultation for a regular customer 0,5 hour per month0 €/hour
Consultation 70 €/hour
Base Price

kuni 63

39 €/month
0,65 €/entry
0,60 €/entry
0,55 €/entry
0,50 €/entry
0,45 €/entry
Merit Aktiva/Merit Palk data storage fee**2 €/month
Address and contact person 150 €/year
Apartment association cost accounting2.5 €/apartment (starts 45€)
Annual report (Micro entrepreneur)30 €/pc
Annual report (Small entrepreneur)50 €/pc
Annual report to be audited/reviewed150 €/pc
Project calculation+25% from the base price
Estonian VAT registration50 €/pc
German VAT registration200 €/pc
UK VAT registration200 €/pc
Correction of Estonian declarations5 €/pc
Submission/correction of UK/German/Canada VAT return30 €/pc
Registration for EORI number30 €/pc
Tax deferral30 €/pc
Submission of OSS/IOSS declarations30 €/pc
Submission of INF declarations30 €/pc
Submission of Forest Transaction Notification30 €/pc
Annexes to TSD5 €/pc
Communication with the Tax Board during inspections or audits50 €/hour
Entry of the Company Registration Portal50 €/pc
Preparation of a business trip report by the client in Costpocket app0 €/pc
Preparation of a business trip report by the accountant15 €/pc
Preparation of payment orders to the Internet bank via the Merit Aktiva interface0 €/pc
Manual preparation of payment orders3 €/pc
Confirmation of payment ordersal. 50 €/month
Preparation of sales invoices by the client in Merit Aktiva (manual)0 €/pc
Preparation of sales invoices by the accountant5€/pc <10pc> 3€/pc
Preparation of the statistical report20 €/pc
Preparing documents10 €/pp
Contract preparation20 €/pc
Salary calculation6 €/employee
Employment register entries20 €/pc
Form A1 (E101) application20 €/pc
Submission and calculation of incapacity for work certificates6 €/pc
Calculation of leave and holiday pay6 €/pc
Applications for reimbursement of holiday pay / social tax from the state budget6 €/tk
Merit Aktiva database50-500 €/pc
Merit Aktiva additional user with full rights**12 €/month
Costpocket additional user from second user***5 €/user
Violations of the terms of service (documents, authorizations, automations)6 €/violation
Processing of a bank statement without a Gateway (LHV, SEB, Swedbank, Coop) open banking agreement6 €/bank account
Additional service (minimum 50€)****50 €/hour
Manual bank entries to the accounting program (non-importable bank file to Merit Aktiva)0,5 €/row
Delivery of letters/parcels (shipping costs will be added separately)30 €/pc
*VAT is added to the prices
**Prices according to the Merit Aktiva price list
***Prices according to the Costpocket price list
****All services that are not included in the price list are additional services