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    If the company is in the process of being established, fill in only Contact person field.

    Only for ordering accounting service, if you have already established your company and you have a bank account. The bank's IBAN code is required to prepare the accounting program.

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    Paju 2 TARTU Estonia

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    Entry based

    The price of accounting service is determined by the volume of work, which is based on the number of entries per month and other additional services requested by the client.

    The base price is formed by the number of entries, which consist of purchase invoices, sales invoices, bank lines, etc. For non-taxable company it usually means that 1 document = 2 entries, but for taxable company it means that 1 document = 3 entries. Additional services are other operations related to accounting services.

    Just like providing a flexible accounting service, we want to be flexible in setting the price.

    thus you can choose whether you want a fixed monthly payment, in which case the price is reviewed once a year, or variable monthly payment, which corresponds to each month’s work.

    • Sample price for a non-VAT taxable company: 25 bank lines, 3 sales invoices, 22 purchase invoices, 0 salary = 100 entries x 0.60 euros = 60 euros.
    • Sample price for a VAT taxable : 70 bank lines, 15 sales invoices, 55 purchase invoices, 2 salaries (additional payroll and tax entries 40) = 390 entries x 0.50 euros = 195 euros base price + 2 salaries x 6 euros = 207 euros.

    price list

    Base Price

    Amount Price
    0-6339 €/month
    64-1500,65 €/entry
    151-3000,6 €/entry
    301-5000,55 €/entry
    501-10000,50 €/entry
    1001-...0,45 €/entry
    *VAT is added to the prices
    Base price includes
    • Checking and entering source documents
    • Transmission and receipt of e-invoices
    • ESubmission of Estonian KMD
    • Preparation of payment orders with the Internet bank Merit Aktiva interface
    • 1 hour consultation
    • Monthly balance sheet and income statement (by e-mail)
    • Use of Merit Aktiva sales module
    • Costpocket 1 user for taking pictures of paper documents
    • TSD Annex 1 and 2 submission
    • Payslips to employees emails
    • Preparation of payment orders to the Internet bank with the Merit Aktiva interface

    price list

    Additional Services

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